An Agatha Christie mystery

Agatha Christie disappearance

Could a key hold the answer to the Agatha Christie disappearance?

The story of the Agatha Christie disappearance is a well-documented one. When one of the literary world’s most famous authors vanished without any clues the mystery became national news, sparking a frenzied police search and huge concern for the writer.

Luckily, all was well that ended well, Agatha was discovered staying in a hotel under a different name and her husband went to collect her and take her home to recuperate – but that was never quite the end of it. The couple’s official explanation was that Agatha had been suffering memory loss due to the trauma of losing her mother, but sceptics have always had other ideas. Anyway, Dame Agatha never spoke of the incident again (even in her biography) and the episode remains a mystery, but it’s found itself at the centre of more controversy in recent years.

Agatha Christie was a regular visitor to Istanbul, and she used to stay in the same room (now known as the Agatha Christie room) at the Pera Palas hotel. In fact, she even sat and wrote Murder on the Orient Express in room 411, and it looks much as it did during the 20s and 30s in honour of its place in literary history. With this in mind, the film studio behind the film Agatha decided to see if the room could be of any use. They approached a renowned psychic called Tamara Rand and asked her to hold a séance in the room to find out more about the writer. She agreed.

During the séance, Rand explained that she saw Agatha Christie concealing a key beneath the floorboards in that very room, and when workers quickly lifted the flooring the discovered a small and rusty key tucked in one of the corners. Rand believed that it was the key to Agatha’s personal diary, which held the answers behind the famous Agatha Christie disappearance and the press went into overdrive. That’s as far as the mystery went though, as the film studio and the managers of the Pera Palas failed to agree on a price for the key and it remains where it lay for all those years.

It’s unlikely that the world will ever find out quite what caused Dame Agatha to retreat from the world all those years ago, and we don’t know about you but it seems more fitting for her reasons to remain a mystery than to be revealed to the world when she so clearly wanted it to remain her own little secret.